células robóticas autónomas

CELL-OS, Robotic Cell Operative System

PROBOTEC, an expert in industrial automation, together with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia, has received funding from the European project  “ZDMP Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform” for the development of the CELL-OS project between January and October 2022.

The goal of CELL-OS is to transfer the concept of factory operating system to autonomous robotic cells, designed for welding, container collection and palletizing purposes to integrate them into manufacturing lines.

Today’s robotic cells are designed for very specific tasks, and their communication with the manufacturing line is often very limited. However, robotic cells have great potential to provide more connectivity, interoperability and intelligence to the factory.

The main objective of CELL-OS is to enable the end users of robotic cells to have additional functions, oriented to AI and analytics to perform predictive maintenance and quality prediction, so that the overall performance of the cell can be evaluated in real time. This will help provide manufacturing robotic cells with almost zero defects, with maximum reliability for high-demand environments. CELL-OS will provide new functionalities and connectivity-interoperability potential to PROBOTEC robotic cells, to make them more attractive and with greater added value.

células robóticas autónomas

This project has received cascading funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.

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