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CELL-OS, European digitalization and analytics project for robotics

CTAG and PROBOTEC are executing the CELL-OS – Robotic Cell Operative System project, framed as a cascade funding project in ZDMP – Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform, a European project that seeks the development of a platform to support manufacturing processes with zero defects.

En CELL-OS, CTAG and PROBOTEC are working on the validation and adaptation of the ZDMP platform for a real use case, related to a robotic riveting cell. To this end, a new method of monitoring the devices of the cell has been developed, and work has been done on the development of new models for predicting the quality and reliability of the cell. ZDMP has supported the use and deployment of a series of tools for this.

diseño industrial Pontevedra

In November, the results of the project will be presented to ZDMP. The project will also be disseminated at the I4MS Stakeholders event  (Budapest, 19/10/2022), at the Hands-on Automotive Workshop organized jointly by EIT-Manufacturing and CTAG (Porriño, 25/10/2022), as well as at an upcoming event organized by PROBOTEC in November 2022.

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This project has received cascading funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631.

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