Our automotive customers need intelligent and flexible production systems, with reduced cycle times and increased quality.

Probotec cells incorporate advanced automated systems, enabling our industry customers to maintain low cycle times and high-volume, fast, quality-enhanced production. All this with the aim of increasing its competitiveness.

Turnkey palletizing cell on self-supporting base
Turnkey Cell Bin Picking
Cobots for screwdriving aid
Installation Cell with 3-position rotary table for aluminium welding sub-assemblies
Palletizing end of line
Llave en mano de Celda de paletizado sobre base autoportante
Llave en mano de Celda Bin Picking
Cobots para ayuda de atornillado
Instalación de celda con mesa giratoria de 3 puestos para soldadura de subconjuntos en aluminio
Paletizado final de línea



Probotec automates the palletizing processes, allowing to increase the loads and efficiency of the process. All this managed by our own software PALPRO, which allows you to design a mosaic in the fastest and most intuitive way possible.

Turnkey palletizing cell with PALPRO mosaic management software.
Weightless Handler Systems for Bags and Boxes



Probotec Automotive Know How helps to design cells for this sector, with the same premises of reduced cycles and increased quality.

Turnkey Welding Cell for aluminum



We not only take care of turnkey jobs, here are some examples of other jobs that are part of Probotec’s success.

Design and manufacture of machines

Automated machine for autonomous deburring of unitary pieces at the exit of the press


Large line programming

Programming of automatons and robots for the assembly of parts


Transfer of Robotic Cells