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Traceability is no longer a challenge, but a reality. A key element that must be taken into account when planning Industrial Manufacturing Processes.

It is important to determine the most appropriate traceability solution for the processes that we need to control. For the selection it is important to take into account the technological advances in communication systems and data storage.


Today there are many alternatives to meet the need for control of production Processes. All must comply with the quality, safety and reliability standards required of said control.

The best choice is the one that best suits the future of the process. The chosen traceability system must evolve in parallel tothe manufacturing process. Apparent complexity is simplified by parameterizable applications or adaptive developments or an efficient combination of both.

The main objective of implementing a trace system is to allow the tracking in the supply chain of the joint parts and each of its components, but it is also important to highlight the defect detection function of the production process itself, which allows us to study improvements for optimization through corrective actions.

In conclusion, traceability systems have an impact on manufacturing processes by reducing manufacturing times (costs) and improving quality (confidence) in the product.

Eva Suárez, Operations Area.

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